September 20, 2019

Addicted To Perfection: A Surgeon’s Story

I was sure that we had cut the ureter. Every time we looked and found it intact, I became even more certain that we had cut it. Finally, my exasperated chief resident told me to stop. I was emergently operating on my next door neighbor for what turned out to be cancer, and that’s how… Read More

Physician Transition Story: Carla Hightower

  Dear Readers, in this blog, one of my clients shares her career transition story. As you will see, the non-clinical path does not follow an orderly set of steps, unlike becoming a physician. In these less predictable waters, there is uncertainty of course, but there is also opportunity and adventure. Take it away Carla…. Read More

Shame and Leaving Medicine

  OK dear readers, put on your headlamps and waders, we’re going into the dark, damp cave of shame.  The cave of shame around leaving medicine. “Why?” you may ask. “Is this really a problem?” Yes, it’s a problem I see on a regular basis.  Since I work with many doctors who are dissatisfied with… Read More

Susan’s Story: A Surgeon’s Triumph Over Anxiety

Can anxiety be severe enough to cause a physician to leave medicine?  Absolutely.  I know a number of physicians who have left for this reason.  In my coaching practice I am increasingly aware of the toll anxiety takes on many doctors and am making it my mission to bring more attention to this problem and… Read More

Leaving Medicine – Danielle’s Story

Dear readers, for this blog edition one of my clients shares her career transition story with you.  This post is longer than usual, but there is so much here of value that I have posted the piece in its entirety.  Down the road we will check in with Danielle to see how she is doing… Read More