January 22, 2020


Why I do this work

My passion is helping you, as a physician, achieve the highest level of career satisfaction possible. I know the difference between being good at your job, but not looking forward to it, and being completely engaged and excited by your career. I also know you have unique qualities and skills that are meant to bring you joy and a sense of purpose. If you are not feeling this way about your work, something is out of alignment. My goal is to help you remove any and all barriers to finding professional fulfillment – whatever that looks like for YOU. I do this work because I love it. I do this work because it comes naturally. And most importantly, I do this work because of you. You deserve to wake up looking forward to your job. I believe it’s possible, and I’ve dedicated my life to making it happen.

Who do I work with?
My clients are doctors in all stages of their careers, from medical students and residents, to practicing and retired physicians.

What kinds of situations are addressed?
I help doctors achieve greater career satisfaction. The specifics of this can vary greatly depending on the goals of each client. The following are examples of different topics clients seek assistance for:

Career Change
I am unhappy in practice, but I’m not qualified to do anything else
I am unsure if I need a new clinical setting, or if medicine’s not for me
I am thinking about leaving residency
I want to find work I can do from home
I need help researching non-clinical careers

 Career Advancement
I’ve accomplished a lot professionally, what’s next for me?
I would like to move into administration and leadership
I want to do something entrepreneurial
I want to find something in addition to seeing patients
I am considering an MBA, MPH or additional training

Job Issues
I need help with burnout and work-life balance
I am having conflict with my boss/colleague
I am having trouble keeping up with charting
I’d like to improve my communication style
I need to negotiate a better schedule

What does the coaching process entail?
Through coaching hundreds of physicians, I have developed my own program which I find works well for physicians with a variety of goals, as I am able to custom tailor my approach to the individual. Clients begin with a two-hour session after completing some initial questionnaires and an optional on-line personality test. After the initial session, the calls are one hour. There is “homework” in-between the sessions to help with moving forward and meeting goals. Many clients begin the process without knowing exactly what they need, where they want to go, or how to make it happen. This is NOT a problem! The coaching process is designed to help the client gain clarity, find answers, and figure out the “how.”

At each stage of the process, I have exercises, assessments, and resource documents relevant to physician career enhancement and change. A partial listing follows:

  • Client Intake Questionnaire and Profile
  • Career Transition Questionnaire
  • Wheel of Life
  • Career Interests Assessment
  • Skills and Abilities Assessment
  • Values Assessment
  • Work Preferences
  • Personality testing
  • Interview Prep
  • Networking and LinkedIn
  • CV and Resume Creation
  • Resource documents on Non-Clinical Careers

Curious to find out more?
I offer an introductory coaching call where you can experience what coaching is like and how it could be helpful for meeting your goals. Before the call, you can send me any pertinent background information, including your CV. During this call, I can learn more about you and share my perspective on your situation, and provide some resources for you. My goal for this call is for you to have a better understanding of your options, and confidence that there is a solutions-based way to address your situation. In some cases, this call is all you need!

Sign up for an introductory coaching call
50-minute introductory coaching call – $175
Please feel free to contact me through the form on this website. Everything is confidential and I will respond personally to your inquiry. Payment can be made later via PayPal or via Visa/MasterCard.