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Episode #14: Things to Do Before Leaving Medicine

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Fix it up before you give it up. Leaving medicine is a big deal, but burnout can have you…

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Episode #82: Are You In The Right Job For Your Enneagram Personality Type? Part 2

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google In planning a transition to a nonclinical career, have you considered the role your personality plays in choosing the…

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Episode #77: She didn’t leave medicine, she found joy in a new path

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google While many physicians experiencing burnout feel the best path for them is transitioning to a nonclinical job, others realize…

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Episode #71: 3 Myths About Getting Into Pharma

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Have you heard that you’ll take a pay cut by leaving clinical medicine and going into industry? Or that…

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Episode #58: Careers You Can Do Without Residency

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Not everyone who attends medical school goes on to do a residency. And for different reasons, not all physicians…

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Episode #57: Working in Health Insurance – What’s It Like?

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Many physicians are reluctant to work in health insurance but once they become an employee, they often like their…

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Episode #54: Is There a Teacher in You?

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google As a physician, you are teaching every day. If this is a skill you enjoy, you may be wondering…

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Episode #40: Could Chart Review Be for You?

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Making a big leap to a new career without testing the waters first can be a bit risky. Getting…

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Episode #32: 5 Key Steps for Financial Success

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google As physicians, we often hear that we’re not very good with our money. We’re so busy taking care of…

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Episode #26: How a Family Physician Is Using Her Gift for Helping Others in a New Career

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google After never feeling that she fit in with how medicine was practiced, a family physician decides something needs to…

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