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Episode #3: How to Land a Nonclinical Job Step-by-Step

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Are you curious about what steps are involved in pivoting into a nonclinical career? It can feel overwhelming to…

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The 10th Year Anniversary of The Doctor’s Crossing Blog

Ten years ago I wanted to start a blog but had no idea how to blog or even really what…

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Earn Extra Income and Learn a New Skill Doing Utilization Review!

Would you like to use your medical knowledge, earn extra income, and learn a new skill? Independent utilization review (sometimes…

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5 Out of the Box Teaching Opportunities for Physicians

What if you could make money using your medical knowledge and love of teaching to help hundreds and even thousands…

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Utilization Review Work- Flexibility and Family. A Radiologist’s Story.

Today I’m excited to bring you an in-depth interview with Dr. Carroll, a board-certified radiologist who transitioned into working remotely…

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What exactly does a medical monitor do?

Pharma can be very confusting when you’re exploring nonclinical jobs. What exactly does a medical monitor do? How about a…

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Transitioning from medicine – Dr. Jennifer Spector's story

Physicians often ask me, “How long does it take to transition to a nonclinical career?”  My answer is always, it…

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Nonclinical job in a telehealth start-up

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Dr. Tzvi Doron, a family practice physician who transitioned into a dynamic role…

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Nonclinical career salaries for physicians

In this blog, I’m responding to a question from a female internist in Delaware who asked, How big is the…

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Dr. Gigi Reveals Her True Identity and New Career!

It’s a very exciting day because our OB/Gyn physician, “Dr. Gigi” reveals her identity and her new career direction! If…

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