Mindset and Personal Development

indecision in asian woman

Having trouble with decisions? Try this!

Are you having trouble making an important decision? Do you wish it were as easy as Paper or Plastic? Are…

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carpe diem

How to Achieve Any Goal: The Carpe Diem Process Stage 1

Hey Guys! I’m super excited to bring you a DIY mini Carpe Diem experience you can use on any goal,…

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Is COVID bringing up any guilt in you?

Is COVID bringing up any kind of guilt in you? There are all different types of guilt: Catholic guilt, Jewish…

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Man with brain exploding with question marks

Is this three-letter word shutting your brain down?

One of the biggest problems I see my clients having – and it happens to me too– is shutting down…

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brain and heart - physician's crossing comfort zone

Do you have a loose wire keeping you stuck?

If you’re having trouble getting out of your comfort zone, it may be because of a loose wire keeping you…

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What is your natural gift set? Are you owning it?

Specifically, what are your natural gifts you bring to your career and life? I find that a lot of my…

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How do you do with acknowledgment and gratitude?

Last week I was backing out of my garage, heading for the gym. I was almost to the end of…

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What doesn't feel like the right fit for you?

Is there something in your life that doesn’t feel like the right fit? Sometimes what we’re doing is not a…

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Are you being weak if you leave medicine or slow down?

I received an email update from one of my clients who’s an Emergency Medicine physician. After almost a decade of…

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Are you being selfish or "self-full?"

The other day one of my clients who’s an OB/Gyn physician opened our coaching call with a statement that made…

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