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Leaving Medicine – Danielle’s Story Reposted

Back in 2012, Family Physician Dr. Danielle Gerry wrote about her experience of leaving medicine in an incredibly popular blog…

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Episode #6: Why I Left Dermatology and Became a Physician Coach

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Why would a dermatologist ever leave medicine? Isn’t this a dream job? In this episode, I share my very…

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Physician Career Transition Posse – Meet Dr. P.

Welcome back to another episode of the Physician Career Transition Posse. Today I’m excited to introduce to you another new…

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Zebra leaping in the air

50 Nonclinical Careers – Meet the Author!

Today we have a special guest, Dr. Sylvie Stacy, founder of Look For Zebras and author of the newly released,…

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Career Transition Posse – Dr. Kay’s Nonclinical Exploration

Welcome back to another episode of the Career Transition Posse! Today I’m following up with Dr. Kay, our PM&R/Pain Management…

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How to become a freelance medical writer

Medical Writing: How to get Started and Make Money

As a nonclinical option, medical writing often gets a bad rap in terms of what you can make. While it…

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A Part-Time Nonclinical Job with Flexibility

Dr. Helen Rhodes is an OB/Gyn physician with more than 25 years of experience who transitioned from working as an…

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Physician Career Transition Posse – Meet Dr. Rachel

I’m very excited to introduce to you our fourth member of The Physician Career Transition Posse, endocrinologist and cat-lover, “Dr.…

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Is COVID bringing up any guilt in you?

Is COVID bringing up any kind of guilt in you? There are all different types of guilt: Catholic guilt, Jewish…

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Triage tent covid pandemic

Family Physician Hunkers Down to Fight COVID 19

My name is Stephanie Segal and I’m a Family Medicine physician at Kaiser. Denver, CO First *confirmed* case of COVID-19…

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