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Episode #38: Is There an Entrepreneur Hiding In You?

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a physician say, “I’m not the entrepreneurial type,” I’d…

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Episode #2: How To Keep Your License Active If You Leave Medicine

iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Do remember that day when you were granted your license to practice medicine?  Whoohoo! It’s a big deal to…

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Nonclinical career quiz

Take the Nonclinical Career Quiz and Discover the Career That’s Right For You!

I’ve never seen a quiz like this before. You answer some questions and out comes a potential nonclinical career. When…

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How to Share Your Medical Knowledge on the Internet and Stay Legal

Are you a physician who loves educating your patients, yet you want to share your knowledge in a much broader…

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Zebra leaping in the air

50 Nonclinical Careers – Meet the Author!

Today we have a special guest, Dr. Sylvie Stacy, founder of Look For Zebras and author of the newly released,…

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How to become a freelance medical writer

Medical Writing: How to get Started and Make Money

As a nonclinical option, medical writing often gets a bad rap in terms of what you can make. While it…

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Is COVID bringing up any guilt in you?

Is COVID bringing up any kind of guilt in you? There are all different types of guilt: Catholic guilt, Jewish…

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physician working remotely at home

Utilization Review Work- Flexibility and Family. A Radiologist’s Story.

Today I’m excited to bring you an in-depth interview with Dr. Carroll, a board-certified radiologist who transitioned into working remotely…

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What exactly does a medical monitor do?

Pharma can be very confusting when you’re exploring nonclinical jobs. What exactly does a medical monitor do? How about a…

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New job sign

Transitioning from medicine – Dr. Jennifer Spector's story

Physicians often ask me, “How long does it take to transition to a nonclinical career?”  My answer is always, it…

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