September 19, 2019

Dear Hippocrates: I want a divorce

Dear Hippocrates, I want a divorce. Let’s face it, you and I were young, idealistic, and naive when we met. Everyone said we were “perfect for each other”, valedictorian and humanitarian. We thought we could change the world, one sacrifice at a time. Sleep deprivation, grueling academic hurdles, delayed gratification. We proudly wore those badges… Read More

What Are Your Natural Gifts? Is Your Job Making the Most of Them?

  What comes naturally to us, we often take for granted.  We may think there is nothing special about our abilities and assume these things are easy for others as well.  Not true! One of the joys of what I do is to help my clients recognize their natural gifts. More often that not, when… Read More

What’s the Difference Between A Calling and a Job?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic of having a “calling” versus a job.  Often when I am working with clients on clarifying how they want to reshape their careers, they end up describing a direction to me that sounds like a true calling. Excitement, passion, and the desire to use one’s natural abilities… Read More

Considering a Career Change? Here’s A Great Starter Book

One of my first recommendations to clients wanting non-clinical work is to read Mike McLaughlin’s book, Do You Feel Like You Wasted All That Training? Questions from Doctor’s Considering a Career Change.  No one I’ve spoken with has felt that this book has been a waste of their time.  On the contrary, the responses have all… Read More