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Right now I am working on an online course to help physicians at the crossroads that will launch in the Fall of 2023. Because of this project, I am not able to take on any new 1:1 coaching clients for this year.

I am very sorry to not be available for you at this time.

However, there is an opportunity to have some help right now. A colleague of mine, Dr. Karen Barnard, is an ICF-certified coach from the same training program I attended. Dr. Barnard is a physician career transition coach who has worked closely with me and has a very similar approach.

I’ve known Karen for a number of years and highly recommend her as a coach. 

If you would like to consider working with her, you can book an introductory session through her website right HERE. You may also email her at

To search for other physician coaches, please visit the Physician Coaches website.

There are a number of free career resources you can check out under the FREEBIES tab. A good place to start is the Physician Transition Starter Kit. 

We also have a weekly podcast that comes out every Thursday in our newsletter and on all the major podcast platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, etc. You can access all the episodes under the Podcast Tab.

Lastly, there is a Resume Kit to help you convert your CV to a resume as well as a video course for using LinkedIn to network and land jobs. You can find these products for purchase right HERE.

If you would like to be in the loop about the online course for physicians at the crossroads that is going to launch in the Fall of 2023, please email Kati at

Wishing you all the best in your career journey.

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Heather Fork, MD

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