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Thank you very much for visiting my website! 

Good news! I’ve made some changes to be able to offer initial consultations again. My availability is limited but I want to help you if I can!

The initial consultation is for one hour and we meet on Zoom.

During this time we will do a deep dive on your current situation. We can address anything you like and I will do my best to help you by bringing all of my experience and perspective to your situation. 

These are some common questions addressed during the consultation:

How do I know if I should try to make things work clinically or if it’s time to leave?

What are my nonclinical options?

How do I deal with the anxiety and self-doubt I am having?

What are some steps I can take to start moving forward?

Should I just put my head down and stop trying to be happy?

By the end of the consultation, you will have some next steps to follow.

If you would like to inquire about scheduling an initial consultation, please email my assistant

Kati at

There are a number of free career resources you can check out under the FREEBIES tab. A good place to start is the Physician Transition Starter Kit. 

We also have a weekly podcast that comes out every Thursday in our newsletter and on all the major podcast platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, etc. You can access all the episodes under the Podcast Tab.

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Heather Fork, MD

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