November 22, 2019

How I’m Getting Unstuck – Phase I

Hey there everyone! I can’t thank you enough for your supportive comments on my last post, Scary Stuff! What Challenges Me, about feeling stuck in how I want to grow my business. Your words were like rocket fuel for me and I am truly grateful. Today I’m going to share Phase I of how I’m… Read More

Lost in the Woods

“Help! Please help me! I am lost in the woods and can’t find my way out.” I hear this plaintive cry often. Maybe not those exact words, but pretty close. In unhappy doctor-speak, it can sound like, “I’m feeling trapped and overwhelmed. I don’t know what else I can do. This is all I know…. Read More

Improving Clinical Practice Today While Looking Ahead to the Future

 I talk to a fair amount of physicians who are frustrated with their current job situation.   Many are curious about what kind of non-clinical career they would be eligible for and how long a transition would take.  According to Dr. Joseph Kim, founder of nonclinical, only about 5% of physicians make the complete transition… Read More

Before Making Big Changes, Prepare Your Launching Pad!

If you’re considering making any significant career changes in the next several years, you can get a head start by shoring up your launching pad.  Since it takes time and energy to expand in a new direction, having your personal life in good shape will enhance the likelihood of success!  Here are six key areas… Read More