September 20, 2019

5 Mind Traps to Avoid in Your Career Change Process

  Save yourself from yourself! Check and see if any of these mindsets towards the career change process apply to you. If you find one or more that do, don’t be hard on yourself, they’re very common.  With a little shift in perspective, they can be avoided and needn’t become roadblocks. 1. Wanting to rush… Read More

Are You Ready For a Career Change? Take the Financial Health Pop Quiz

  When I talk with my clients, I ask a lot of seemingly nosy questions about their finances. It’s not that I want to pry; it’s just that one’s financial situation needs to be honestly assessed when considering a career change. Common questions asked are: How much debt do you have? How much do you need… Read More

Confusion is Par For the Course in Career Change

If you’re contemplating what to do with your career and feeling confused, you’re in good company.  I talk to a lot of very bright, accomplished individuals and the majority are confused about how to transform or change their careers. There are many good reasons for this state of confusion.  Most of my clients are physicians… Read More

Knowing One’s Personality Type Can Help in Career Selection

I was in a coffee shop the other day and couldn’t help overhearing a conversation that sounded like an informal job interview. The man – who I think owned a recruiting company –  said to the woman sitting across from him,  “Now I want you to try and guess my Myer’s-Brigg personality type.” He gave… Read More

Passion in Work Part II

In my last blog, Passion In Work Part I, I featured Nancy Anderson’s 5 Passion Clues, which can be used to find work of passion and meaning.  Today, I am covering her 5 Off-Track Signals, to help you avoid situations that can lead you away from work that is ultimately fulfilling. Nancy Anderson’s 5 Signals… Read More