January 20, 2019

Help for Burnout – Relationships are Key

You know you’re a nerd when it’s Friday night and you just finished watching a DVD on physician burnout. Yes, that’s me.  I’ll admit it.  And it’s not the only one of its kind in my DVD collection (not sure if I should be revealing this). Lately in my blogs I have been writing about… Read More

Burnout and Lost Love

  Not long ago I received an email that made my heart sink. It was from someone I knew in medical school many years ago (too many to say out loud).  We lost touch a few years years after I graduated. The short email read: “I am owned by the University of ——-, and mired… Read More

Can You Relate to Any of These Causes For Burnout?

When I speak with physicians who are experiencing burnout, they often blame themselves. “What’s the matter with me that I can’t handle my job?  They say in dismay. “My colleagues aren’t complaining.  I feel like a wimp!” And it goes without saying that this person is working way too many hours, is chronically stressed, and… Read More

Spit If You Think You Have Burnout!

But let me duck first! Your saliva may predict whether or not you might be at high risk for burnout, according to researchers in Montreal, as reported in Psychoneuroendocrinology. By analyzing a sample of spit, abnormally low levels of the stress hormone cortisol can be detected – a red flag for impending burnout. Dr. Robert-Paul… Read More

“Physician Love Thyself”

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qubn6KMKVjw&feature=related[/youtube] I must admit I was quite amazed by the end of this short video clip.  I was smiling from the inside out. The stoic, often self-isolating professional culture of medicine needs to change and Dr. Patricia Lindholm is making it her mission to help lead the way. In her inaugural address to the Minnesota Medical… Read More