November 15, 2019

Help for Burnout – Relationships are Key

You know you’re a nerd when it’s Friday night and you just finished watching a DVD on physician burnout. Yes, that’s me.  I’ll admit it.  And it’s not the only one of its kind in my DVD collection (not sure if I should be revealing this). Lately in my blogs I have been writing about… Read More

Burnout and Lost Love

  Not long ago I received an email that made my heart sink. It was from someone I knew in medical school many years ago (too many to say out loud).  We lost touch a few years years after I graduated. The short email read: “I am owned by the University of ——-, and mired… Read More

Can You Relate to Any of These Causes For Burnout?

When I speak with physicians who are experiencing burnout, they often blame themselves. “What’s the matter with me that I can’t handle my job?  They say in dismay. “My colleagues aren’t complaining.  I feel like a wimp!” And it goes without saying that this person is working way too many hours, is chronically stressed, and… Read More