November 22, 2019

Considering Pharma? Check out the DIA 2017!

Last year was a big year for pharma at the Doctor’s Crossing. Four of my clients landed great jobs in pharma and I attended the inspiring world-renowned pharmaceutical conference – The DIA Global (DIA – Drug Information Association). One of my four clients had no prior pharma experience and she is now working happily as… Read More

Using Your Internal GPS for Career Change

Is your internal GPS telling you it’s time to change your career direction? Is it saying “Recalculate! Recalculate!” but leaving you stranded at the crossroads, failing to provide any further instruction? If so, it can feel overwhelming, daunting, and confusing.   Uncertainty is uncomfortable. It’s natural to wish for some kind of roadmap to guide… Read More

Google’s Employee Perks – Could It Work For Healthcare?

On a recent visit to California,  I was treated to an informal tour at Google. By the end of the tour, I was ready to sign on.  It wasn’t so much the work, but I wanted to enjoy all the employee perks.  I would start off dining at the cafe featuring local, organic produce in… Read More

Medicare Cuts Postponed!

November 17th was “White Coat Wednesday“, as declared by the American Medical Association (AMA). “White Coat Wednesday” was the day chosen by the AMA for physicians to contact their state representatives to ask them to stop the proposed 23% cuts in medicare payments.  Unless something was done, these cuts were slated to start December 1…. Read More