January 22, 2020

Is What Other People Think Holding You Back?

“What you think about me is none of my business.” Saying these words is a piece of cake.  But actually believing them is another story.  One of the most common concerns my clients have is their fear of what family, friends and colleagues will think if they express unhappiness in their career. “What? You don’t… Read More

Thanksgiving Gratitude For All Those Working and Serving

This is the first Thanksgiving that my teenage niece is away from family. She recently joined the Marines and is off at some remote training site. Friends and colleagues I know will be rounding on patients in the hospital, delivering babies, and no doubt helping out those who had a bit too much holiday cheer…. Read More

Medicare Cuts Postponed!

November 17th was “White Coat Wednesday“, as declared by the American Medical Association (AMA). “White Coat Wednesday” was the day chosen by the AMA for physicians to contact their state representatives to ask them to stop the proposed 23% cuts in medicare payments.  Unless something was done, these cuts were slated to start December 1…. Read More

Fear of Public Speaking? No Problem!

If the thought of public speaking makes you nauseous or weak at the knees, you are in good company. On some lists of common fears, public speaking even trumps the fear of death. Warren Buffet, legendary investor and one of the world’s richest men, knew all too well the fear of public speaking. At a fancy… Read More

Passion in Work Part II

In my last blog, Passion In Work Part I, I featured Nancy Anderson’s 5 Passion Clues, which can be used to find work of passion and meaning.  Today, I am covering her 5 Off-Track Signals, to help you avoid situations that can lead you away from work that is ultimately fulfilling. Nancy Anderson’s 5 Signals… Read More