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Is COVID bringing up any guilt in you?

Is COVID bringing up any kind of guilt in you? There are all different types of guilt: Catholic guilt, Jewish mother guilt, ate-the-last piece-of cheese-cake guilt, being too successful guilt, and so on. It seems we can feel guilty about pretty much anything. Today I felt guilty for taking 4 bags of brown rice off…

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brain and heart - physician's crossing comfort zone

Do you have a loose wire keeping you stuck?

If you’re having trouble getting out of your comfort zone, it may be because of a loose wire keeping you…

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What exactly does a medical monitor do?

Pharma can be very confusting when you’re exploring nonclinical jobs. What exactly does a medical monitor do? How about a…

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Telemedicine as an independent contractor – an option for 2020?

In my recent blog, Could telemedicine be for you? I shared an interview with internist Dr. Adonis Saremi about his…

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Got questions about physician career transition?

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Could telemedicine be for you?

Earlier this week I had a doctor’s appointment – in the privacy of my own home! This was my first…

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3 key money questions to ask yourself before a career change

When I was running my derm practice and questioning my career path, I met with a guy I’ll call “Mr.…

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Having trouble networking on LinkedIn? Try this.

All dressed up and nowhere to go. Is this your LinkedIn profile? You’ve put in the time to get your…

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Nonclinical job in a telehealth start-up

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Dr. Tzvi Doron, a family practice physician who transitioned into a dynamic role…

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Dating advice for your career – my brother's story

When my little brother Dave does something, I pay attention. Not just to what he does, but HOW he does…

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Getting Unstuck Phase II (with Butters)

Hello again! I know a few of you are curious about what’s been happening since my last blog on getting…

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Is COVID bringing up any guilt in you?

Is COVID bringing up any kind of guilt in you? There are all different types of guilt: Catholic guilt, Jewish…

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How do you do with acknowledgment and gratitude?

Last week I was backing out of my garage, heading for the gym. I was almost to the end of…

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Are you being selfish or "self-full?"

The other day one of my clients who’s an OB/Gyn physician opened our coaching call with a statement that made…

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