September 19, 2019

Addicted To Perfection: A Surgeon’s Story

I was sure that we had cut the ureter. Every time we looked and found it intact, I became even more certain that we had cut it. Finally, my exasperated chief resident told me to stop. I was emergently operating on my next door neighbor for what turned out to be cancer, and that’s how… Read More

Dr. Laura McKain Shares Advice for Entering Pharma

Physicians play a multitude of roles in pharmaceutical development. Not all come from academia; many started out in clinical practice. I was in a private Ob/Gyn practice for a dozen years before I decided I wanted a change. I studied my options and decided to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. The short story… Read More

Mandy’s Story – From Physician to Medical Writer

“What?!? Why?!?” These are the two questions I receive (often simultaneously) when I tell someone that I’m no longer practicing medicine. Many other questions and comments usually follow, such as, “But you spent all that time in school and residency…” Ah, yes. All that time. And training. And debt. Why did I even go to… Read More

Physician Guest Blog: “The Old Me, The New Me”

This month’s blog is a guest post by one of my clients who went from feeling trapped in her career to having the confidence to know she could pursue other opportunities. Instead of being resigned to a daily existence of stress and anxiety, she made the decision take charge of her career and make it what she wants it to be. Any significant career change is a process and takes time and effort, but if you hold to the vision that your work is meant to be fulfilling and joyful, you will find what is right for you. I have experienced this change in my own career and see it happening with my clients. Please enjoy this guest blog.

Leaving Medicine – Danielle’s Story

Dear readers, for this blog edition one of my clients shares her career transition story with you.  This post is longer than usual, but there is so much here of value that I have posted the piece in its entirety.  Down the road we will check in with Danielle to see how she is doing… Read More