March 25, 2018

“Good things come to those who write!”

A few weeks ago I found myself surrounded by majestic palms, white sand, fruity drinks, and a bunch of doctors bursting with great book ideas. The location, the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida, was the perfect setting for this most remarkable conference by SEAK, “How to Make Money as a Physician Writer.” SEAK co-founder,… Read More

SEAK Non-Clinical Careers Conference

Last month I was in Chicago at the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers Conference. This is one of my favorite conferences and I love volunteering there as a mentor every year. I sat in a humongous room in the Crown Plaza Hotel at a tiny table where I met with a different physician attendee every 15 minutes for… Read More

5 Mind Traps to Avoid in Your Career Change Process

  Save yourself from yourself! Check and see if any of these mindsets towards the career change process apply to you. If you find one or more that do, don’t be hard on yourself, they’re very common.  With a little shift in perspective, they can be avoided and needn’t become roadblocks. 1. Wanting to rush… Read More

Praise For SEAK’s Workshop: How to Find and Land High-Paying Non-Clinical Jobs

Last September I attended SEAK’s Non-Clinical Careers Conference, but missed the workshop,  How to Find and Land High-Paying Non-Clinical Jobs.  I remember talking to one of the attendees about this workshop, and he felt it had been one of the most valuable parts of the entire program.  The main conference is over a weekend, and… Read More

Doctors Gather From Around the World to Improve Physician Health and Resiliency

My mind is on fire with all I have absorbed in the past 10 days. Two back to back trips to Chicago. Two doctor conferences. One offering ways for physicians to leave medicine. The other trying to keep doctors happy and healthy in practice. The first conference was SEAK’s Conference on Non-Clinical Careers for physicians…. Read More