February 24, 2018

Considering Pharma? Check out the DIA 2017!

Last year was a big year for pharma at the Doctor’s Crossing. Four of my clients landed great jobs in pharma and I attended the inspiring world-renowned pharmaceutical conference – The DIA Global (DIA – Drug Information Association). One of my four clients had no prior pharma experience and she is now working happily as… Read More

Using Your Internal GPS for Career Change

Is your internal GPS telling you it’s time to change your career direction? Is it saying “Recalculate! Recalculate!” but leaving you stranded at the crossroads, failing to provide any further instruction? If so, it can feel overwhelming, daunting, and confusing.   Uncertainty is uncomfortable. It’s natural to wish for some kind of roadmap to guide… Read More

Thanksgiving Wishes To You

To my dear clients and readers, I send my sincere wishes that this time of Thanksgiving be a very special one for you and your loved ones. I am immensely grateful for your support, your contributions to this blog, for the hard work you do, and your commitment to making this world a better place. May you… Read More

Valentine’s Day Post: Why I Love My Work

  More often than not, when I’m working with a client, I hear a little voice in my head.  The voice whispers sweetly to me, “I really love this – I could do this forever!” And it’s true – I love my work.  I feel very fortunate to be able to say this and have… Read More

The Flying Trapeze: Facing Fears and Raising The Bar

In an impulsive moment,  I purchased a 2 for 1 Groupon deal for a Flying Trapeze lesson.  Part of me was excited and another part was scared.  The expiration date was getting closer and I had not booked the lesson yet.  I could just let that coupon expire and no one would know.  But although… Read More