October 16, 2018

Spit If You Think You Have Burnout!

But let me duck first! Your saliva may predict whether or not you might be at high risk for burnout, according to researchers in Montreal, as reported in Psychoneuroendocrinology. By analyzing a sample of spit, abnormally low levels of the stress hormone cortisol can be detected – a red flag for impending burnout. Dr. Robert-Paul… Read More

Help For The Shy Networker

When I was a kid, I was so shy around strangers that my mom would give me “anti-shyness” exercises.  She would make me go up to the check-out register and pay for things myself. Then I had to make telephone calls to businesses, asking for information. I thought it was child abuse, but it must… Read More

Before Making Big Changes, Prepare Your Launching Pad!

If you’re considering making any significant career changes in the next several years, you can get a head start by shoring up your launching pad.  Since it takes time and energy to expand in a new direction, having your personal life in good shape will enhance the likelihood of success!  Here are six key areas… Read More

Don’t Get Stuck On The Merry Go Round – Set Your Goals For 2011!

Ahh…. The New Year…. Hope always seems to burn brighter at the beginning of the year.   It’s as if we get to move our playing piece to START, we’re given a bunch of shiny tokens, and we have a chance to win again!  Last year may have been a good year, but we want… Read More

Is What Other People Think Holding You Back?

“What you think about me is none of my business.” Saying these words is a piece of cake.  But actually believing them is another story.  One of the most common concerns my clients have is their fear of what family, friends and colleagues will think if they express unhappiness in their career. “What? You don’t… Read More