July 16, 2018

Addicted To Perfection: A Surgeon’s Story

I was sure that we had cut the ureter. Every time we looked and found it intact, I became even more certain that we had cut it. Finally, my exasperated chief resident told me to stop. I was emergently operating on my next door neighbor for what turned out to be cancer, and that’s how… Read More

Look For Clues in What You Already Do

I often ask my clients, “What do you enjoy doing that no one pays you for – but could?” I ask this because it can be a good clue to a potential career direction or focus. If I had only pondered this simple question 12 years ago, I would have figured out my second career… Read More

Who’s In The Driver’s Seat? You or Your Inner Critic?

If your Inner Critic’s in the driver’s seat, it could steer you away from what you really want in life, including a better career. Seriously! Coming home last night from dance lessons, it was definitely my Inner Critic at the wheel. Two years ago I finally got up the nerve to begin learning partner dancing… Read More

Making Mistakes As a Doctor

I want to share with you a very powerful TED talk entitled, “Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that?” In this 19-minute video, Canadian ER physician Dr. Brian Goldman talks about the agony of his own mistakes and offers a perspective on dealing with this inevitable, yet incredibly challenging part of being a doctor.One… Read More

Shame and Leaving Medicine

  OK dear readers, put on your headlamps and waders, we’re going into the dark, damp cave of shame.  The cave of shame around leaving medicine. “Why?” you may ask. “Is this really a problem?” Yes, it’s a problem I see on a regular basis.  Since I work with many doctors who are dissatisfied with… Read More